Sunday, March 12, 2023         

Many are headed out of town for Spring Break. If you are, safe travels and have fun. If not, enjoy your staycation!

As Lent rolls on, let’s reflect a little.

How are your Lenten promises/resolutions going?  Have you caved yet? Are you still going strong?  It’s not always easy to take on the Penances of Lent: you would think that the challenge that comes with the self-control required by the self-imposed Penances of Lent wouldn’t be that difficult. Yet, it is and that’s somewhat

The body and the mind, especially is the 21st century is so conditioned by habit and for the immediate gratification of desires and wants that we often don’t give a second thought to denying ourselves.  I use that phrase “second thought” deliberately. We often give things like self-denial, Penance, delayed gratification one thought, but by the time we get around to giving it a second thought, we’ve been so conditioned to “scratch the itch” that we don’t stand a chance!  And yet, there is great Goodness and Holiness found in the capacity to deny ourselves and in that denial grow spiritually.

So, here’s our place for prayer this week: let’s work on the gap between our first and second thoughts/actions. Being built and ordered to Goodness and Holiness, we have to transcend our first thought and action especially if that first thought/action leads us away from Goodness and Holiness. St. Paul says, “I’m not sure why I don’t do the things I want to do and I do the things I don’t want to do.”  Well, if we’ve ever been here then we need to move to our ‘second thought/action’ as quickly as possible. So, Lord, give us fleet feet to move quickly and always return to our better selves, our best selves, our selves that abide in you and in your will for us.

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.  

Fr. Craig Holway, Pastor
314-962-2311  x116

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