Pastor’s Column

Dear Friends,

It’s time to launch our next cohort of Adult Initiation into the

Catholic Church. The process, which will begin in September, will

culminate at the Easter Vigil Celebration on April 19, 2025. If you or someone you know is seeking a relationship with the Lord and with the Catholic Church, now is the time to get them connected with Tim Brown, our Coordinator of this Apostolate, at timcbrown5@iclould.com.  The process of Initiation for Adults is just that- a process. It’s about ENCOUNTERING Jesus Christ and learning about Him, relating to Him, learning from Him. Then the ins and out and the nuts and bolts of the Catholic Church are

systematically presented. All the while, the Holy Spirit is leading the person to a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I’m rereading a book called “The Clear Path” (some of you have asked for a copy) and he makes this point towards the end of the book: most people come to church because “the Church” tells them to. A much smaller percentage come to church because they see the time and experience at Mass to be an ENCOUNTER with the Person of Jesus Christ- a real ENCOUNTER with the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus Christ. This hypothesis startles me. I can see the validity of this statement. But, if this is true, then that means I have some work to do.

I think Chris Stefanik says something similar: “The only thing worse than people who don’t go to church are people who do but don’t know why.” Think about that for just a minute or two.  I suppose this is the work of the preacher/presider: to make it relevant and

meaningful and purposeful. The Eucharist in and of itself is

efficacious to the one who reviews It with the right disposition. But the fullness of the Eucharist Experience is, based on Stefanik’s idea, is felt when the what matches up with the why.  I’m gonna ponder on this for a little while. Maybe while I’m on vacation this week.

Heading out of town friends: I’ll see you on July 30.  Have a good week.


With peace and prayers for you.

Fr. Craig


Fr. Craig Holway, Pastor

314-962-2311  x116

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