Adult Faith Formation



Organization Mission:

Mary Queen of Peace values the on-going formation of all parishioners, no matter their age. Understanding both the human desire for relationship and the ultimate end of that desire (God), there are a variety of Adult Faith Formation opportunities offered throughout the year. These opportunities provide practical spiritual formation, intellectual formation in the teachings of the Catholic faith, and a community striving together to live out our shared call of discipleship.




Mary Burke
Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation

Faith Formation Opportunities

Jan. 11       Drop Off and Drop In
Jan. 24       Bishop Barron's Word on Fire 
Jan. 29       Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Feb.  1        Made for More Speaker Series
Feb.  5        Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Feb.  7        Bishop Barron's Word on Fire 
Feb. 12       Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Feb. 15       Drop Off and Drop In 
Feb. 21       Bishop Barron's Word on Fire 
Mar.   5       Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Mar.   7       Bishop Barron's Word on Fire 
Mar. 12       Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Mar. 22       Drop Off and Drop In
Apr.  16      Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Apr   23      Deacon Peter's Bible Study 
Apr.  30      Deacon Peter's Bible Study