Women's League

Our Vision:

To provide an environment that welcomes ALL women of the parish to participate in social and spiritual gatherings that promote fellowship and faith while providing physical, emotional and financial support to the parish community and a variety of charities.

What you need to know:

We have women of ALL ages participating
We will not MAKE you do anything you don’t want to. We WANT you to WANT to support.
We raise money to help our community of faith. We are GOD’s true and faithful servants.
We are Martha’s and Mary’s.
There is a place for everyone.
We have a LOT of fun.

About Us:

The Women's League is a Catholic service organization to which ALL women of the PARISH belong.

Women's League activities include:

Lenten Morning of Reflection, Advent by Candlelight, Annual Church Tour, Christmas Boutique, Christmas Past Booth, House Tour, Patio Party for Birthright, and Trivia Night just to name a few!

We also support the Peregrine Society, Quilters Guild, SVDP Soup Kitchen, Mary & Martha’s. And, our “Heavenly Dusters” clean the church every week.

Funds raised at Women’s League events help us continue to support the MQP Music Ministry, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the MQP Youth Ministry, and Birthright. We also sponsor and award the “Rose Blasé Scholarship” to two MQP 8th graders each year.

The Women's League meets on the first Monday of the month during the school year at 7pm in the School Board Room.  Information and invitations to our meetings and events are shared on the Women's League page of the parish website, via our flock note e-newsletter, the bulletin and the parish Facebook page.


Board Members

2024 MQP WL Board President

Past President

  • Patty Gibson


  • Tess Nichaus


  • Molly Kelly


Activities Chairs:

Christmas Boutique

  • Trish Goldberg

Morning of Reflection

  • Jean Brooking

Advent by Candlelight

  • Ashley Silverman
  • Alison Brennan
  • Barb Eichner

Altar Society/Heavenly Dusters

  • Lolly Useted

Martha & Mary Friendship Committee

  • Helen Grimm

Peregrine Society

  • Peggy Magee

Quilters’ Club

  • Lora Schloemann

St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen

  • Jorie O’Malley

Trivia Night

  • Trish Goldberg

Church Tour

  • Tina Tlapek

Patio Party to Benefit Birthright

  • Cindy Trusler
  • Nicole Nester


Trish Goldberg

Upcoming Events

June 19        Church Tour

June 20        Summer Patio Party

Nov. 2           Christmas Boutique

Dec. 1           Advent by Candlelight