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Whole Family Catechesis 2024-2025


A New Model. A New Approach.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Rite of Baptism both mention a beautiful reality: the home is the first place that we encounter Jesus and it is in the home that the parents become the first teachers of the Ways of Jesus, the Way of a Disciple. Then, as the family unit embraces and lives out the Faith in their home, the family joins other families to carry out this mission. These families form a community and that community gathered around the Eucharistic Altar is the Church, the Parish Community.


Whole Family Catechesis Overview


Helping Build Faithful Families.

For a variety of reasons, parishes across the country are inviting parents to take an active role in the catechizing of their children. At Mary Queen of  Peace (MQP), we utilize The Finding God Family Catechesis program to foster the growth of our families. Our Whole Family Catechesis program is unique in that it helps parents grow in their own faith while guiding their children in core faith formation. The Finding God Family Catechesis program nurtures faith and helps build community.

Whole Family Catechesis (WFC) is a curriculum that centers religious formation in the home.  Families who are a part of WFC receive resources, training, and support from MQP to deliver religious formation in their homes and at their convenience.


How does WFC work?

The Finding God Family Catechesis program combines parish-based group meetings and grade-specific instruction by trained catechists with at-home sessions guided by parents. Families gather monthly at the parish (on Sunday mornings) to receive support and training so that they are prepared to share the curriculum with their children. At this training, the families will walk through the monthly curriculum while the children, grades 1-8, are receiving formation from a trained Catechist. Then, the family returns home, and together, the parent, using the training, resources, and support received, leads the faith formation at their convenience. Next month, the pattern repeats itself.



Each group meeting has three parts:

1. Welcome (15 minutes) for children and parents

∙ The leader introduces the theme to families through prayer, sharing activity, Scripture, and discussion.

∙ Children are then dismissed to their grade-level faith formation sessions.

2. Connect (30 minutes) for parents only

∙ Leader covers the theme through multimedia and discussion in a more in-depth manner.

3. Close (15 minutes) for parents only

∙ The group meeting concludes with a wrap-up, closing prayer, and invitation to catechize their children at home with easy-to-use At-Home lessons and Children’s Books.


Sacraments of Initiation: What to Expect If Your Child Is Entering a Sacrament Year.

Second-grade students and those receiving First Reconciliation and First Holy  Communion will attend WFC on set Sundays per the published schedule. Students will prepare for the sacrament with Mr. Palmquist, their catechist. During the off weeks from WFC, parents will receive sacramental resources from Mr. Palmquist to assist in sacrament preparation at home.

Seventh-grade students and those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation will attend WFC on set-selected Sundays per the published schedule. Six (6) weeks before Confirmation, students will attend in-person classes on Monday nights for intense Confirmation preparation. Students are required to attend an in-person Luke 18 weekend retreat.


Registration link:


WFC registration for the 2024-2025 school year opens on March 24, 2024, and will close on August 1, 2024. Please note that the WFC registration fee is non-refundable.


Contact Mrs. Pam Miller, Director of Religious Education, for additional information:


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