Respect Life Essay written by Mia Fiordelisi, MQP 8th Grader

How can living a life of chastity protect you from abortion and lead you in a life of happiness?

Dear Future Husband,

I have chosen to save myself until I have married you. We may not know each other, but I know that we will truly love each other. All I ask is that you save yourself, too. If we both do this we can live our life without any complications involving chastity. We will not have to go through the struggle of abortion or sexually transmitted diseases. We will be able to live a life of love for each other, not having to deal with the question of why or how, and not be filled with regret when we get married. If I save myself for you, it is only fair for you to save yourself for me. I know it may be tempting but if something happens where someone ends up getting pregnant, we may never meet. There could be years of unhappiness and denial. If the situation turns to an abortion, you will be filled with regret, and still years of unhappiness. This is not only going to make us happy, but also the other people that we will have loved will be happier too. If one of us, or both of us gets a sexually transmitted disease, then that could affect our lives together in the future. I am not the only one asking this, but I know that God has asked us too. For the Bible states: “For this is the will of God, your holiness, that is, that you will abstain from sexual immorality” (1 Thessalonians 4:3) This means not to sleep around in or out of marriage. Please, not only do this for me, but for yourself too. I know that you are worth the wait, but so am I.

Your Future Wife

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