New MQP Principal!

Posted on April 30, 2017 in: General News

I am very pleased to announce that the new Principal of Mary Queen of Peace School is Mr. Michael Nieman. Mr. Nieman is presently a middle school teacher at St. Clare of Assisi Parish School in Ellisville, where he has taught for fifteen years. Mr. Nieman has previously taught at St. Catherine of Alexandria School and St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf. He is also a Veteran, having served in the United States Army.

We reviewed and interviewed many candidates, but Mr. Nieman was the unanimous first choice of our Principal Search Committee, and I am most happy that he has accepted the position. He is a man of deep faith and love for the Lord, and I believe that he is the right person to empower our teac hers to empower our students to know and love and serve Jesus all their life long. This is the primary mission of Catholic education! He is committed to a strong curriculum and solid academics and will build on the firm academic foundation that we have at MQP. He has great energy and enthusiasm, a deep care and concern for teachers, a great respect for parents, and a strong desire for continued learning and self-improvement.  He will help our school, our students, and faculty to move forward in faith, knowledge, learning, and service.  Welcome, Mr. Nieman!

In the weeks to come, as Mr. Nieman finishes the school year at St. Clare of Assisi, he will also be visiting MQP and getting to know our school, our students, teachers, and parents. He will be working with Mrs. Schroff to insure a smooth transition into the next school year and will officially begin his duties on July 1. Please welcome him when you meet him and assist him in this transition as you are able.

Of course our parish school is a most important part of our parish mission to educate our children in the faith, especially to pass on to them a great love and relationship with Jesus. This is a mission not just for me, or for Mr. Nieman, but for all of us! All of us are called, by virtue of our baptism, to share the faith by our words, our deeds, our choices, and our lives. Our children are looking to us for an example of faith; let us never underestimate this important mission!  Whether or not you have children in our school, please support our school with your prayers, your presence at school and parish events, and your financial generosity. One of our great challenges is to rebuild and grow the number of students in our school, and I hope and trust that we will make great progress in this in the years to come. The key to growth in our school is positive word of mouth and the active support of every member of our parish family. The faith in ourschool is strong; the academics are second to none; the spirit of service and stewardship is top-notch; and our community is a blessing to all involved. I hope that the scholarship monies provided by Beyond Sunday and our own parish will also help to bring more and more students to MQP School. Spread the word! Our school is open for business, our new Principal is excited to begin, the Pastor is 100% behind our school, we are looking to grow, and our future is bright!

Thanks to the members of our Principal Search Committee for their hard work and counsel in the search for our new Principal:  Anthony Armitage, Margaret Kelly, Caroline McCabe, Katy Pavelonis, Barb Schlanger, Maggie Steitz, and Rob Useted. Let us continue to support and pray for Mrs. Amy Schroff in her transition as she prepares to become the Principal of St. Justin Martyr Parish School next year. And let us ask our Blessed Mother, Mary Queen of Peace, to intercede for our new Principal, our Parish School, and our entire parish community of faith. Mary Queen of Peace, pray for us!