The Conference of Bishops in the United States (USCCB) has given permission to resume Communion from the Cup for the congregation, effective on the Feast of Corpus Christi, June 18 & 19. This will become effective for Mary Queen of Peace beginning Saturday, June 18 at the 5pm Mass

I, for one, am excited and pleased with this decision. At Mary Queen of Peace, we’ll resume Communion from the Cup in accord with the permission granted.  A few notes and points for prayer and consideration:

For the Faithful:

  • The Fullness of Jesus Real Presence is contained in both Species (the Sacred Body and the Precious Blood). To receive one or the other, or both, is to receive Jesus completely and perfectly.
  • The Fullness of the Sign of Eucharist is to receive both His Body and Blood.
  • Reception of the Precious Blood has always been optional.
  • If the number of the Faithful who receive from the Cup is fewer than pre-pandemic “normal”, then we will adjust the number and location of Cups for Distribution of Communion.

I have already communicated this change to the Eucharistic Ministers with specific information so as to abide by the norms and encourage a feeling of comfort and safety for those who serve in this ministry.  If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly (

With peace and prayers for you,

Fr Craig Holway