The Blessing Box

Posted on July 31, 2018 in: General News

The Blessing Box is filled with food and toiletries available to any and all who need it.  The project was started and built by Anne & Bob Goodwillie, parishioners of Mary Queen of Peace.  Anne, also, is the Preschool Director and teaches at MQP. The concept of the Blessing Box is simple. The box is a miniature food pantry.  There is no lock on it.  It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The box is for the community, and filled by the community. The sign on the Blessing Box says, “Take a blessing when you need one. Leave a blessing when you can.”  If you haven’t noticed it yet, it is on the corner of Berry Road and Lockwood Ave, in Glendale next to the green bench by the bus stop. When you are out walking, check it out and help to keep it stocked. A woman from Webster Hills United Methodist Church is also helping Anne to keep it stocked, as well as our MQP SVdP conference. So please help contribute to our SVdP food pantry which will then help supply the Blessing Box, when needed. It has been discovered by the people in our community who need food and it is a blessing to them. A note was left on the box that said, “Thank you! A blessing indeed!” It seems, the Blessing Box has created an atmosphere of support, love and generosity at a time when our world desperately needs it. Thank you to the Goodwillies (and all who donate) for this wonderful gift to the community!