From Father Craig: 

As you know, the priests of the Archdiocese attended a session with the Archbishop on August 19 in which was presented to us the proposed models of parish consolidations.  Feedback was provided and now the revision process begins. Then, in a few weeks, the MQP Key Parish Leaders will attend a presentation in late September. Finally, in October, the entire parish community will receive the presentation at a ‘listening session’. The process will continue and the sphere and scope will continue to expand. For now, however, my attention, as your pastor and a priest who supports the work of All Things New, continues with the work of Evangelization that is at the heart of the entire process. You’ve read here over the past few weeks some of my reflections on the Spirit of All Things New I’d like to introduce SOMETHING new!

I’m calling them Emmaus Groups. On the road to Emmaus, two disciples walked to together until they were joined by Jesus. As they walked together, their journey ended with the celebration of the Eucharist (cf. Lk  24:13-35). In that spirit, I want to invite anyone and everyone is interested in being a part of an Emmaus Group: a small group of parishioners who will meet regularly to read Scripture, pray, learn, laugh, share fellowship, maybe share a meal; talk about Discipleship, learn about Discipleship; spend time together. 

An introductory meeting with be on AUGUST 31 at 7pm in the Msgr. Lubeley Room. At this meeting, I’ll present the Vision, the tools, and starting brainstorming about logistics and practical concerns to get these Emmaus Groups off the ground.

My hope is this:

Someone can click onto our website and find an Emmaus Group that meets at a time and place and day that is convenient for their schedule. I’m hoping to start at least 10-15 different Emmaus Groups. If you want to be a part of one of these groups then come to this meeting.

These Emmaus groups will grow OUT: those that join will not only be nourished and encouraged themselves, but they will reach out, connect, invite and bring others IN. Remember, on any given Sunday, more than ¾ of our parish population are not gathered around in our Eucharistic Assembly. It is my hope, and with God’s Grace, these Emmaus Groups can do something about that!

So, Wednesday, Aug 31 at 7pm. Friends: it’s time for Mission. It’s time to move from ‘maintenance’ to Mission. Come on! It’s time! Let’s Roll!