Ministry Toolbox & Forms

MQP is a large parish. It is made up of many and diverse organizations that perform many selfless tasks for the parish and its parishioners. Many great things, big and small, have been accomplished over the years. There are very large and very small organizations all equally important in their own way. They all have one thing in common; at the head of and responsible for the actions of each organization is our pastor.

Parish organizations are defined in two ways, either Resource oriented or Mission oriented. Resource ministries are those that handle sizable parish responsibilities and/or sizable amounts of money. These would include Board of Education, MQP Home & School, Men's Club, Women's League, Athletic Association, etc. Mission ministries are those which docus on Worship, Liturgy, Christian Formation and Christian Service. Examples would be Liturgy Planning, Music Ministry, ACTS, the Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study, Whole Family Catechesis (WFC), Vacation Bible School (VBS), 50+, Youth Ministry, Compassion in Action and Give a Meal a Month (GAMAM).

To help each individual ministry to perform at its best, a policy for Auxiliary Organizations has been developed based on Best Practices of the Archdiocese. The policy is meant to help streamline the activities of all ministries and to allow them to concentrate more on their missions and less on administration, bring more unity to the parish, allow the pastor to concentrate more on his pastoral duties, and do away with much duplicate effort by allowing more uniformity.