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Every parish looks for ways to better communicate its message. Great communication is about more than just making announcements. It’s also about listening, relating and building real relationships. We are happy to introduce and rollout a new line of communication for our parish called “flocknote." Flocknote is an engaging communication service created by Catholics for Catholic parishes. 

It serves the unique purpose of assisting parishioners in their quest to stay up to date with their Parish's or Ministry's news, information and updates via email, text messages and more. Flocknote is also big on interaction. You will be able to respond to many of the communications directly from the email you receive and add your comments to jump into a conversation with other parishioners.
By subscribing you can expect to receive an email or text (your choice) from the parish about once per week that may include the following types of communications:

  • Newsletter
  • Reminders for Holy Days & Mass times
  • Invitations to parish events
  • Periodic polls
  • Engaging resources to help you continue in your faith formation
  • Alerts of schedule additions or changes

In addition to subscribing to the general group and receiving the above communications, you can also choose to receive the weekly bulletin emailed to you. We are starting small and are interested in hearing your thoughts and comments and eager to learn more about the types of communications that interest you.
The Flocknote subscriber list and your information are absolutely private. You will not receive any inbox “Spam” as a result of subscribing to Flocknote. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting “STOP” to 84576 or by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email communication

Flocknote FAQs                    

Still have questions or need help with flocknote?