Becoming Catholic – RCIA
(Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)


Have you been thinking about becoming a Catholic? Or have people mentioned to you that they wish they had your faith? Here is an opportunity for you or someone you know to learn more about becoming a Catholic. Our “no obligation” inquiry sessions begin in September.  Contact Tim Brown at 314-560-5978 for more information.

In response to the directives of the Second Vatican Council, Mary Queen of Peace offers a program of adult instruction about initiation into the Catholic Church. The program tries to address the varying faith-needs of adults (ordinarily over the age of 18) who might be:

  • Unbaptized
  • Baptized, non-Catholic Christians who seek full communion with the Catholic Church.
  • Baptized but uninstructed Catholics.

This journey of faith generally begins in the fall of each year and formally concludes with the Easter Vigil. Meetings may continue after Easter if determined to be beneficial to the newly baptized or received. The RCIA involves regular meetings for inquiry, prayer, doctrinal instruction and discussion, Scripture study, and apostolic works.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Church, or in becoming Catholic, can call the Rectory at any time to express their interest in beginning this journey of faith. Parishioners who are aware of persons interested in becoming Catholic are encouraged to invite them to call the Rectory. All Catholics are encouraged to engage those persons who show an interest in the Catholic Church in conversation that may lead them to consider joining the RCIA.


     These men and women were received by Bishop
     Rivituso in March 2019 as candidates for the
     Easter Sacrament as part of the Rite of Election
     and Call to Continuing Conversion. 

      Photographed with Bishop Rivituso are Jon Emert,
      Jenn Abbott, Drew Swihart, LeAnne Schaper,
      Matt Pritzel and Stacy Winkler


Tim Brown