Dear Friends,

The most recent health order from St. Louis county does not affect MQP’s decision to make masks optional in church, the parish office, and the priest’s house. Effective Friday, October 1, masks are optional in those spaces but strongly recommended for the unvaccinated.

Bratfest was AWESOME!!  A HUGE thank you to TJ & Jill Scherbel, Alex & Amanda Donley, the Grill Team, and the scores of volunteers who made it all happen. We had a beautiful day to just be together, enjoy some great food, listen to great music, and have a fun time.

Today is Pro-Life Sunday. A moment to reflect.

In contemporary culture, the Cause of Life is under constant threat and assault. In addition to Crimes against the human person like abortion, euthanasia, pornography startle the heart because we know deep down inside our hearts, that these things not only hurt and kill the person, but something like pornography can wound the soul. St. John Paul II, a champion of Human Life and the Human Person called this the Culture of Death.

And so today, we recommit ourselves to being Advocates for a Culture of Life. It’s is up to Catholics, Christians everywhere, and ‘people of good will’ (that’s a term from the Second Vatican Council) to be vocal advocates and ‘producers’(more on this in my homily) of a Culture of Life. Not only do we turn away from, and stand against those Crimes against the human person, but we also work to be ‘consumers’ and ‘producers’ of those things that build up a Culture of Life: walking ways of Discipleship, Holiness, Love and Hope.

In an ancient church document called “The Didache”, the author writes to early Catholics, “There are two ways, one of life and one of death; but a great difference between the two ways.”

This week, let us discern well the difference between these two ways and choose, advocate and, if we have to, fight(!) for the Cause of Life. This is our Mission; this is our Call. And be not afraid.     

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.

Fr. Craig Holway, Pastor
314-962-2311  x116

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