PSR  (Parish School of Religion)

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2020 - 2021 Enrollment Options

PSR Enrollment Option #1 - Home School PSR

The option to home school your child for PSR is available to MQP families every year. Under normal circumstances, students preparing for a Sacrament (2nd & 8th grades) cannot be home schooled. However, because of COVID-19, this option is available for all grades. 

- Home school families follow the same PSR curriculum

- Student books are provided, as well as online access to parent lesson guides

- Students complete an online assessment at the end of each chapter. The results are sent to MQP, which is how credit for the year is tracked.

PSR Enrollment Option #2 - Virtual PSR

This year we are offering a fully virtual option for PSR in each grade. 

- Virtual students will have a catechist who provides teaching and activities each week.

- Using Flip Grid, catechists will post weekly lessons, and students will participate at their convenience. 

- Catechists will utilize the recorded video response option on Flip Grid, as well as other creative methods to build a connection with students.

- Virtual families will be invited to participate in grade level celebrations of the Sacraments throughout the year.

PSR Enrollment Option #3 - On Campus Hybrid PSR

For families who wish to send their kids on campus for PSR, we are offering a hybrid option. This option will use both on campus classes and at home family based activities. 

- On Campus Hybrid PSR will divide all students into groups, by family. Group A will attend PSR on campus on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. Group B will attend PSR on campus on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month. Dividing into groups will enable us to more easily follow all social distancing guidelines. 

- The weeks your child is learning at home are not simply virtual weeks. Our team of catechists will work to provide hands-on, family based activities to cover certain lessons. This is designed so that you can walk alongside your child's faith journey more closely during the strange times in which we live. 

- The 5th Tuesday of every month is at-home for everyone.

This year we are only able to offer the evening session of PSR. Classes will run from 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM, grades 1 - 8.



Mary Queen of Peace Parish offers Catholic religious education classes for students in grades 1 - 8 who do not attend Catholic school. The Parish School of Religion (PSR) holds classes for 1st - 3rd grades on Tuesdays from 4:20 - 5:30 PM (afternoon session) (NOT AVAILABLE 2020-2021), and classes for all grades 1 - 8 on Tuesdays from 6:45 - 8:00 PM (evening session). The PSR school year runs from September - May, with breaks for holidays and spring break week. 

PSR also offers Confirmation preparation classes for 8th grade parishioners who attend a private Catholic school. These classes meet once a month on Sunday evenings from August - April. 

The PSR Advisory Committee is made up of parents and catechists who provide support and help determine goals for the program each year. This committee meets once a month during the PSR term. All interested members should contact the Director of the PSR program. 


Mary Queen of Peace Parish School of Religion is committed to assisting parents in their role as the primary educators in the faith formation of their children. The catechists and staff support the parents by providing a positive learning environment for students to develop knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Faith and to apply Christ’s message in their daily life. The PSR community aids both parent and child in fulfilling and growing in their commitment to the Catholic Church through participation in liturgy, the sacramental life of the church, daily prayer, friendship, and stewardship.