Last autumn, I announced that I was forming a “Pastor’s Leadership Team” to work with me for the pastoral planning and long-term success of our parish. I’m grateful to all those who were interested in this Leadership Team, and all those who expressed interest in serving. I’m excited to finally announcethe members of the Pastor’s Leadership Team (PLT):

Angela Fiordelisi
Chuck Forthaus
Jim Klimt
Steve Schaefer
Chandra Tripp

This is new for me personally, and as of now, it’s unique in all the parishes of the Archdiocese. Based on the “Amazing Parish” model (, the PLT is meant to assist the Pastor as trusted advisors, helping me to insure that plans for the future and long-term success of our parish are in place.  You may have a few questions...

What’s the responsibility of the PLT?
The PLT is a volunteer team of parish leaders to collaborate with me to set the vision and strategic direction for our parish, complete with necessary priorities, resources, and timelines. They will pray, discern, and assist me in shouldering the responsibility of leading the parish, collaborating with me in matters of organization and operations, pastoral planning, and goal setting, enabling me to be more focused as the spiritual shepherd of the parish. The Leadership Team members are the ones with whom I will share responsibility for leading the parish at the highest level, a group of trusted advisors with the faith, maturity and the vision to lead the parish forward.

Isn’t that what the Parish Council does?
Not necessarily. While I always say that the Parish Council are the “eyes and ears” of the parish, helping me know and understand parishioners’ concerns, one of the ma in responsibilities of our Parish Council is to work with, represent, and be a liaison to our many parish ministries, committees, and organizations. I intend that the PLT and the PC will collaborate with me and with one another, insuring good communication with all the members of our parish.

How will the PLT operate?
The Pastor’s Leadership Team will meet an hour weekly and extended times monthly for a concurrent three-year term. The PLT will spend this organizing as a team and beginning to discuss immediate parish needs and opportunities. In March, the team will attend the Amazing Parish Conference in Atlanta where we will learn from other parishes on best practices for how we might create our mission and tactics to help our parish grow. The PLT will work closely with the Archdiocese, the Parish Council, and our own ministries, clubs and committees to ensure strong collaboration to accomplish our mission. To ensure the Pastor’s Leadership Team is cohesive and effective, I’ve asked our own parishioner, Joyce Schaefer (an executive leadership coach) to assist me as a coach and to provide counsel and advice to the PLT.

How will I know what the Pastor’s Leadership Team is doing or deciding?
I intend to communicate well with you, our parish family, through my bulletin column and FlockNotes, so pay attention! I also intend that the PLT and the PC will help get the word out to our parish organizations. We will always follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, and we will look to the Archbishop for his vision for parishes. The Archdiocesan “BeONE” initiative tells us that every parish should be focused on:
1) Fostering Missionary Discipleship
2)Promoting Human Dignity and Social Responsibility
3) Embracing a Culture of Leadership
4) Securing the Future of Catholic Education

We also know from our Parish Viability Study that the parishioners of MQP want to be more focused on:
1) Making a vibrant Sunday Mass experience
2) Promoting Adult Faith Formation
3) Being better Evanglizers in our neighborhoods and communities

So, we know the “why” and the “what”, but we still need to figure out the “how” for MQP. The PLT, working with the Parish Staff and the Parish Council, will seek and promote both short-term goals and larger, more strategic objectives.

How can I get involved and offer my opinion?
I am always open to hearing from and talking to parishioners; that’s my work and ministry here! So, don’t be afraid to be in touch with me if you have any concerns or comments. Likewise, you can always reach out to any member of the Pastor’s Leadership Team, the Parish Council, or the leaders of a ministry, organization, or committee in which you are involved.

Over the next year or so, there will be meetings, forums, focus groups, and parish wide communications about our progress. We may also request your perspective and feedback on how our parish is doing. But the most important thing you can do is to pray – to pray for our parish and for our growth in holiness and faith, to pray for me as your Pastor that I may k now and do God’s will, and to pray for the members of the PLT that they will lead and serve with humility and love. And of course, the greatest prayer we offer is the Sunday Eucharist, so the best thing that we can do to in sure the future of this parish is to come together, Sunday after Sunday, to be nourished by the Word of God and the Bread of Life.

I’m excited and hopeful for the success of this Pastor’s Leadership Team, for their success will be the success of our parish. Join me in prayer for these men and women and for this parish that we love.

Fr. John R. Vien, Pastor



PLT Contacts

Angela Fiordelisi 494-9920 Email
Chuck Forthaus 496-3434 Email
Jim Klimt 406-1334 Email
Steve Schaefer 406-9683 Email
Chandra Tripp 630-7732 Email