Parish Council

The Mary Queen of Peace Parish Council was formed in February 1986. The Council consists of 9 voting members who all serve three (3) consecutive-year terms together.  The Priest’s, Deacons, and most immediate Past President are invited to attend the Council meetings.  The next election for the Council’s 9 seats will be in 2019.

All of the activities of the Parish are brought together and coordinated through the Parish Council. The activities of the Parish generally fall under one of the following Commissions:

  • Christian Service
  • Christian Formation Liturgy
  • Christian Fellowship

Parish Council Members:

Member Email Phone
Chris Lawhorn - President 314-623-1334
Abby Cole 314-605-6148
Brian Davidson - Vice President 314-387-7678
Mary Grassi - Secretary 314-749-5040
Jennifer Grimmer 314-835-1936
Steve Marsh 314-749-8682
Katy Pavelonis 314-913-0192
T.J. Siebenman 314-716-2557
Matthew Viergutz 314-210-2724
Peggy Abeln - Past President 314-973-9053
Fr. John 314-961-2311
















The Parish Council invites all the leaders of parish organizations,committees, ministries, and groups to attend the  Annual Parish Leadership Forum on Saturday, October 20 from 8:00 am until noon. 

The day will begin with 8:00 am Mass in Church, followed by coffee and donuts and the Leadership Forum about 8:45 am in the Cafeteria.  


Fr. John will give a “State of the Parish” address, the Pastor’s Leadership Team and Parish Council and Parish Staff will share valuable information, and we hope that many of our parish leaders will share their successes and their needs as we grow a more and more Amazing Parish.

Please see that a representative or two or three from each parish organization is in attendance.  RSVP to