Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The St. Patrick’s “Feed the Hungry” Program provides a full casserole lunch at St. Patrick’s Center to feed the hungry. There are approximately 100 people from our Parish who participate. The cooks make a casserole following a standardized recipe for either a chicken or ground beef casserole each month. In addition, we welcome bags of lettuce on both days for salad.  Coordinators perform the organizational duties of delivering the pans for the casseroles, recruiting people as needed, collecting and delivering the baked casseroles to St. Patrick Center and serving the hungry (Thursday).

2nd Wednesdays - chicken casserole and lettuce donations

2nd Thursdays - ground beef casserole, lettuce donations and store bought cookies

In addition, at Christmas, we make up bags of personal care items and warm winter apparel which are used as gifts at their Christmas Party.


Jorie O’Malley                                                                                                            
Wednesday Casseroles

Linda Burns
Thursday Casseroles