Parish Council

The Mary Queen of Peace Parish Council was formed in February 1986. The Parish Council consists of nine registered and active parishioners of MQP who are willing to be servant leaders of the parish, assisting the Pastor by being attentive to the faith life, spiritual health, and morale of the parish and communicating that to him, encouraging our parishioners to take one step closer to Christ on their journey of faith.  The members of the Parish Council serve a concurrent three-year term that began on July 1, 2019.  Current members of the Parish Council include Tracy Kuttler, Chip Myers, Jim O’Keefe, Beth Rogers, Heidi Sallee, Scott Schaecher, and Dana Schopflin.

The Priests, Deacons, and most immediate Past President are invited to attend the Council meetings.  The next election for the Council’s seats will be in 2022.

All of the activities of the Parish are brought together and coordinated through the Parish Council. The activities of the Parish generally fall under one of the following Commissions:

  • Christian Service
  • Christian Formation Liturgy
  • Christian Fellowship

Member Email
Tracy Kuttler     (Secretary) 
Chip Myer
Jim O’Keefe
Beth Rogers     (Social)
Heidi Sallee     (Prayer)
Scott Schaecher   (President)
Dana Schopflin    (Vice President)

Fr. Craig Holway

Fr. Tim Cook