Adult Faith Formation

Organization Mission:

The vision of Adult Faith Formation (AFF) for Mary Queen of Peace is to become a parish that provides every possible opportunity for any seeking parishioner to embrace a daily lifestyle that understands God’s deep, abiding love for us through Christ and provides a deposit of faith that furthers the understanding of what it means to be Catholic.

With God’s love and grace, our mission is to build the kingdom of God on earth. We will promote a safe and loving atmosphere for ideas, questions, and actions to flourish within the borders of our loving Catholic faith and parish. We will continually promote the belief that God desires a personal loving relationship with each of us manifested in daily life through prayer, sacraments, scripture, evangelism and tradition.

AFF seeks to provide a spectrum of opportunity to both learn and discern the love of God ranging from the basic to the complex in the pursuit of this understanding. The practice of the Catholic faith supported by God’s love provides a powerful sense of oneness with God.

So, whom do we serve? AFF is here to evangelize the gospel of Christ and serve the people of God:

  • who have questions and are too embarrassed to ask;
  • who have questions of life and about their faith that they do not know were else to turn;
  • who may be in a life situation, in which answers to questions regarding the love of Christ would help;
  • who want to better understand how the Catholic faith can greatly enrich their personal relationship with God.

Check in periodically to learn about, and join in on the special programming of AFF.


Melissa Hunter
Director of Faith Formation