Altar Servers Guild


Altar Servers have a rich heritage, going back to Jesus himself.  In preparation for the Last Supper, Jesus sent two of his disciples to prepare the Passover for Himself and the Twelve.  Over the centuries, specially trained assistants called “Acolytes” became common, and eventually this evolved into today’s Altar Servers who love Jesus, love the Mass, and want to give their time and talents in the service of God and his Church.

Serving at the Altar for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass brings with it important responsibilities, but also these very real benefits:

  • Servers provide a valuable service to your Parish and to the Church through which they can begin to think about how they can serve Jesus and the Church now and throughout their life
  • Servers have a unique opportunity to lead the Parish in prayer and worship by example
  • Most importantly…SERVERS CLOSER TO JESUS

Simply put, this is an amazing opportunity for boys and girls to grow in their faith AND serve Christ and his Church, as demonstrated in our Altar Servers Guild motto, SERVIENDO CHRISTUS DIGITUR, which means THROUGH SERVING, WE LOVE CHRIST.

Why do we need and want Altar Servers?

Altar Servers are more than simply a Church tradition.  Consider that the Eucharist is the “source and summit of our faith.”  In other words, it is the best and most important thing that we do as Catholics!  And because of that, we want it to be the very best that it can be.  That’s where Altar Servers come in.  More than just a waiter or a busboy/girl in the Sanctuary, Altar Servers are a vital part of what we do.  They help the Mass run more smoothly, and the help the Priest, Deacon and entire congregation pray even more fervently.



 Deacon Tom Mulvihill
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