Parish Council

The Mary Queen of Peace Parish Council was formed in February 1986. The Council consists of 12 voting members (with three year terms - four members replaced each year) plus the Priests, Deacons, and Council's Past President. All of the activities of the Parish are brought together and coordinated through the Parish Council. The activities of the Parish generally fall under one of the following Commissions:

  • Christian Service
  • Christian Formation Liturgy
  • Christian Fellowship

Parish Council Members:

Member Email Phone
Peggy Abeln - President 314-973-9053
Jeanette Bright 314-583-4115
Abby Cole 314-605-6148
Brian Davidson 314-387-7678
Mary Grassi 314-749-5040
Jennifer Grimmer - Secretary 314-835-1936
Chris Lawhorn - Vice President 314-623-1334
Steve Marsh 314-749-8682
Jody Mayer 314-808-5008
Katy Pavelonis 314-909-7983
T.J. Siebenman 314-716-2557
Matthew Viergutz 314-210-2724
Angie Kimes - Past President 314-520-8092
Fr. John 314-961-2311