SCRIP is a gift card fundraising program where an organization buys gift cards at a discount and then sells them to families at face value. Think of this program as donating some of your "points" on credit cards to MQP. Instead of using your credit card to purchase groceries, clothes, etc., you purchase the retailers cards at face value in advance. The retailer sells cards to us at a discounted price from 2-12%. The difference is ours to keep!  If you normally use your debit card or check when buying, then you just purchase the retail card in advance.

We keep many cards on hand:
Dierbergs $25, $100
Shop N Save $25, $100
Walmart/Sams $25, $100
Straubs $25
Walgreens $25 and $100
Target $100
Panera $10, $25
Starbucks $10 and $25.
GFS $25, $100
Whole Foods - NEW!!! - $25, $100

There are MANY other retailers that we can special order in for you. Feel free to browse the retailers and the % contribution at the website:

If you shop at Schnucks and have their escrip card (we can get these if you'd like one) or at Target with their RedCard, designate MQP as your organization recipient and we will automatically receive the percentage those stores give each month.

The cards are always available to purchase at the rectory or school office during normal business hours.